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Documentation link broken again

Hi all, The documentation link is broken again. Keen to get cracking! Cheers,

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Zip File 1 Kb

In reference to the discussion: Sometimes Out-Zip function is not able to zip files, in which case zip files are only 1 KB. Usually this is cau...

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Convert-DateTime issue and resolution proposal

Hi everyone. I have an issue with the Convert-DateTime method wich is called during former Farm Backup cleaning (Clean-BackupHistory). By default, Convert-DateTime uses current System Local to conv...

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Site Collection Read-Only

I am having an issue where the site collection is not being unlocked after the backup. Not sure why the backup fails sometimes and other times it is successful. I have not identified anything in th...

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Error compressing

Getting the following error during backup: Compressed (zipped) Folders Error File not found or no read permission Compressing... tsvie.xml Click OK and continues but no backups show up in Central...

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Convert-DateTime issue in version 2.3

Hello, i have a bug with Convert-DateTime function : Get-Date : Cannot bind parameter 'Date'. Cannot convert value "05/14/2013 19:19:32" to type "System.DateTime". Error: "String was not recogniz...

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Update to Functions Backup-IISVirtualDirectories and Backup-WebConfig

Awesome script; thank you for creating and sharing it! And thanks for all the great documentation. An issue I worked through had to do with backing up the web.config files and IIS metadata. I h...

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Backup cleaning doesn't handle dates correctly

I've had an issue recently where all of my farm backups were being deleted by the Clean-BackupHistory function, and I think it's a bug in the function Convert-DateTime which from my understanding i...

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Function 'Get-FarmDbServer ' and 'Is-SnapShotCompatible'

Hello, i have an issue with connection to named SQL instance. To correct this problem, i replace this : $GLOBAL:FarmDBServer = $database.Server.Name by this $GLOBAL:FarmDBServer = $database.Nor...

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function Backup-Sites

Hello,after the bug in Clean-BackupHistory function (, i'm discovered a new bug in Backup-Sites function. It's not really a bug but a miss, in web app...

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