Backup Retention Logic for Farm backups

Apr 2, 2015 at 9:50 PM
I liked this script very much, I do have some suggestion to improve.

I think the farm backup retention logic is not appropriate in this script. In general we will have weekly one Full backup and remaining daily differential backup, In a 7 day period, we will have 1 full backup and 6 differential backups. This script has given that option also for us. but the Clean-BackupHistory function fails to retain the parent full backup ( if it is older than daystoreatin) which is very much required for all sub sequent differential backups retained in backup share(which are not older than daystoreatin). A differential backup is just piece of junk without its parent full backup.

This Script don't target multi Server SharePoint Farm if you are going to use 14 hive backup, or any other system specific backups like web.configs/GAC/ULS, etc., I mean if you execute this script in one server of the farm, don't expect it backups the web configs/uls/gac etc., from all the servers. It would have been better if it can use remoting capabilities of PowerShell to backup them from all servers in farm, or give option in xml to not to initiate the farm backup if we want to use this script in all servers for local file system backups etc.,

if we can spend some time we can easily expand this script to include the above missing functionalities. Even with out above features also, The script is really good I really appreciate the author efforts to put up this script and share it with the community generously. Hopefully I will try to update it when I get time to work on this.

if anyone already spent the efforts in this area, please share the updated script.