Script creates a file with 0 KB but it takes over 12GB REAL SPACE on disk.

Mar 5, 2015 at 4:48 PM
HI, all

First a huge thanks for an awesome script.

Now to my "problem":

When the script runs it creates a file in the folder \servername\farmbackups$\Sites\ and the file name is the same as the servername.

So what I have is a file the windows says is 0 KB, even when trying to do a file defrag of it with contig( it too says the file is 0 kb.

When i try to copy the file to a drive with less that 10GB free space, windows says it can NOT copy it as there is NOT enough free space.

I have tried to see from the logs from what in the script creates this files as this eventually builds up to take all the space on the drive as the purge do not "see" this and do not purge it.

Any help on this matter is greatly appropriated.