Problem Backing Up Web.Config Files

Mar 8, 2013 at 5:27 PM
Just put this in place in my environment a couple of days ago and everything is working great except for one small issue...

I'm running the backup from one of my app servers. It backs up all of the web.config files for CA with no problem but throws an error when trying to backup the web.config files for my two other web applications. The script appears to be looking for the files on the app server but they are non-existant as they are only found on my two WFE's.

Is there a way to modify the script so that it will look for the files on the WFE's as opposed to looking for them on the app server? I don't want to run the web application on the app server just for the purpose of correcting this error nor do I want to run the backup from the WFE due to the configuration of our network.
Mar 8, 2013 at 10:03 PM

The virtual directories of your web applications are typically on ALL servers in the farm, whereas the central admin virtual directory is located only on the server that hosts the central admin. If you have just one server running CA then I would heartily recommend installing the CA on an additional server and load balancing it.

I suspect you have Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application service stopped. If it is started and the virtual directories/sites are not present then I suggest you stop it and re-start it.

Of course, if you intentionally disable the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application service then that's entirely your call.

As for modifying the script, sorry, I am won't be changing the script as the script is geared to cater for the masses.